Our overall goal is to deliver a unique experience that is both challenging and enjoyable, through which students may:

1. Partake in adventurous activities, that will allow them to acquire important skills such as leadership, communication & teamwork
2. Develop new skills through the participation in different sports
3. Learn about and become captivated by the Thai culture
4. Increase their levels of fitness by regular exercise throughout the trip
5. Develop an awareness of physical and mental well-being through an appreciation of rest, relaxation and re.

Opportunities to fulfil these Aims include

  • A full day’s training in Muay Thai (kick boxing)
  • An afternoon in the wonderful Lumpini park with running, tennis, an outdoor gym, cycle track and an outdoor pool all on offer
  • Jungle and rainforest treks
  • An hour-long, traditional Thai massage
  • A full day’s cycling in Chiang Mai province
  • Hiking on Thailand’s highest peak, Doi Inthanon
  • Elephant trekking, ox carting and bamboo rafting in the dense jungle surroundings of Mae Taman
  • 10km white water rafting (Thailand Adventure programme only)
  • An introduction to caving (Thailand Adventure programme only)
  • Diving or snorkelling (dive extension programme)

School groups will follow either the Best of Thailand or the Thailand Adventure programme with the following subject-specific activities on days 3, 4, 8 & 9

Day 3

runner sitting lake lumpini park

After visiting the floating market in the morning, you’ll go to the wonderful Lumpini Park, right in the heart of Bangkok; a place loved by the local Thais. Your agreed programme may include running the 2.5 km track, cycling around the lakes, swimming in the lido, a game of tennis, or a work-out at the outdoor gym.

Day 4

Muay Thai (kick boxing)

You will spend the day at a genuine Muay Thai training camp, learning the art of Thai kick boxing. You’ll be shown how to strap up in preparation for your workout and will then be given instruction in the various kicks & punches, using your knees, elbows, fists and shins. You will not be fighting, but you will be pushed to the limit!

Day 8

Footpath into the jungle

Day 8 for Best of Thailand programme
Our adventure begins with a visit to the highest peak in Thailand, Doi Inthanon. After a short visit to the summit, we take a three-hour walk through thick rainforest, hill tribe villages, rice paddies and jungle rivers, where your local guide will help you discover the secrets of Doi Inthanon.

rock climbing thailand

Day 8 for Thailand Adventure programme
Today’s exhilarating mission takes us deep into the heart of the aptly named Adrenaline State Crisis Cave! Here you will learn the basics of Single Rope Technique, allowing you to build an anchor, descend into the cave safely, explore this beautiful cavern and get back out!

Day 9

chiang mai cyclists river crossing

You will complete a full day’s journey of discovery into the countryside around Chiang Mai, along quiet country lanes, through small villages and past rice paddies. Along the way you’ll see much of the Thai way of life and you will return in late afternoon, with plenty of time for a traditional Thai massage before dinner.