Father Condom Christmas!!!

Condom father Christmas cabbages condoms Bangkok santa
Santa made from condoms!

There is a restaurant in Bangkok that we like to take our customers to, especially to celebrate their final night in Thailand. Cabbages and Condoms serves delicious Thai food in a leafy garden setting, surrounded by lampshades, ornaments and figurines sculpted from condoms!

The frivolous nature of the restaurant is, in fact, a fun way to raise the publics awareness of sexual health in the city. For this it has received much acclaim in Thailand.

Whilst the condom sculptures are impressive and great fun, we feel that the food is the real star of the show. Our favourite is the Miang Kham (A traditional Thai appetiser of lemon, dried shrimp, peanut, ginger, deep-fried coconut, chilli, shallots and a special sauce, wrapped in wild betel leaves). It’s an amazing treat that builds and builds on the taste buds. Yum!

Happy Christmas from SmileyThai!

Miang Miang Khumh kham Thai food cabbages condoms
Miang Kham: Traditional Thai starter served on betel leaves