Art & Design

Our overall goal is to deliver a unique experience that is both challenging and enjoyable, through which students may:

1. Become exposed to new skills and techniques with which they are able to express themselves creatively
2. Develop their observational skills through interaction with nature and the Thai way of life
3. Learn about and become captivated by the Thai culture
4. Learn about the history and appreciate the development of Thai art
5. Record their visit by means of photography and an annotated sketch book

Opportunities to fulfil these Aims include

  • Numerous visits to palaces and temples with their painted ornamentation
  • The vibrancy of Damnoen Saduak floating market
  • Learning about the various sculpted forms of the Buddha
  • Immersion in Bangkok city life, hill tribe villages and canalside communities
  • Exotic landscapes, lush jungle scenery and remarkable tropical plants
  • The magnificent Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Bangkok
  • Bangkok’s ornate Chinatown and vivid flower market
  • Craft markets that exhibit traditional Thai skills such as lacquer-work, silverware, umbrella painting, candle making and wood carving
  • Chiang Mai’s entertaining Art in Paradise illusion museum

School groups will follow either the Best of Thailand or the Thailand Adventure programme with the following subject-specific activities on days 3, 4, 8 & 9

Day 3

damnoen saduak

After their visit to Damnoen Saduak floating market in the morning, Art students will be taken to the magnificent Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Bangkok. Here they’ll find the most comprehensive collection of modern sculpture and painting in Thailand, housed on 5 floors of a visually arresting gallery.

Day 4

chakphet flower market

Today starts with an early morning departure for the brilliantly colourful Chakphet flower market in the heart of Bangkok. Students will then be lead through the hustle and bustle of Chinatown, before heading for a local craft market with traditional Thai skills such as umbrella painting, wood carving and lacquer-work.

Day 8

Wat Suan Dok

A city tour of Chiang Mai will include visits to three of its most famous temples; the grandiose Wat Chedi Luang in the centre of the old city and decorated with sculpted elephants, Wat Suan Dok with its huge, 500 year-old bronze Buddha royal graveyard and Wat U Mong, hidden underground in the middle of a forest.

Day 9

paradise is an illusion art museum

Art in Paradise is an illusion art museum in which 2D paintings are transformed into 3D impressions. Through interactions with the paintings, students will be able to make these come to life and should obtain some wonderful photographs to take away. A great, fun-filled day of interactive art!